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Capture memories from your award ceremony, conference or event with a full recording or expertly-crafted highlights reel.


Capture memories from your award ceremony, conference or event with a full recording or expertly-crafted highlights reel.

We'll help you capture memorable moments

Since 2012, we’ve helped organisations create lasting memories through professional event videos. 

Whether you want us to record the whole event or put together a highlights reel that shares the best bits, our highly-experienced production team will be there in the background making sure we capture every moment.

We’ve worked on many event videos over the years, and we’re experts in seamlessly blending your event footage with engaging elements like vox-pops and key take-outs to make sure you get as many benefits as possible from your video.

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Amplify successes

The downside of events is that you can only invite a small number of people. By creating a recording or highlights reel of your event, you can share your successes with a wider audience.

Educational tool

A lot of effort goes into creating interesting and informative event presentations. Leverage all this hard work by using the presentations as a valuable educational resource. You’ll be able to share it with your audiences for years to come.

Demonstrate engagement

Show, don’t tell. The best way to demonstrate how your audience responded and participated at your event is to create an entertaining video or highlights reel.

Featured work

Here are some memorable event videos we’ve created for our clients.

Moir Group via Juntos Marketing “Managing A Growth Mindset”

Resources Regulator “Tailings Storage Facilities Management”

State Insurance Regulatory Authority “Recovery At Work”

Our Process



Kick-off meeting

We start with a kick-off meeting where we’ll discuss your goals and objectives. Then we work together to develop your brief, come up with ideas and put together a great concept.


In the pre-production stage, we create all the components that go into making a successful video and assemble your production team.





This is the fun bit! We’ll attend your event and shoot your video. The production team will make sure the end result is perfect.


The final step involves turning all the footage into a professional, high-quality video. This usually involves editing, adding music, creating visual or graphical elements, and enhancing the colour and audio. Once your video is ready, we do a final check to make sure it’s on-brand, and meets your goals and objectives.


Want to work with us?

We make the video production process simple and enjoyable. That’s why our clients use our services time and time again.

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Who we work with