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case studies

Share compelling stories that show how your organisation is making a difference.

Case Studies

Share compelling stories that show how your organisation is making a difference.

We help you tell your story

Since 2012, we’ve helped organisations tell their story through professional case studies and testimonials.

Our production team work closely with your interview subjects to put them at ease and create engaging content that conveys your message by creating an emotional connection with your audience.

We love working on case studies and testimonials because they’re a fantastic way to demonstrate what your organisation has to offer and how you’re making a positive difference.

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Generate interest

Whether you’re telling a story or sharing a customer’s testimonial, video case studies are the most effective way to drive interest and uptake for your product, service or initiative. 70% of people trust recommendations, even if they’re from somebody they don’t know.*

* Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey, Q3 2011

Showcase best practice

Case studies can serve as a learning tool for your audience by showcasing examples of best practice. They show your desired outcomes and the steps your audience need to follow to get the same results.

Build trust

By demonstrating how your organisation benefitted someone just like your audience, case studies build trust through social proof. They see how you created a positive experience for another customer and they want the same experience for themselves.

Featured work

Here are some compelling case studies we’ve created for our clients.

SafeWork NSW “Consultation At Work”

Surf Life Saving NSW “Training Officer Certificate”

SafeWork NSW “SafeWork Awards Finalists”

Our Process



Kick-off meeting

We start with a kick-off meeting where we’ll discuss your goals and objectives. Then we work together to develop your brief, come up with ideas and put together a great concept.



In the pre-production stage, we create all the components that go into making a successful video and assemble your production team.





This is the fun bit! Now that the plan and team are in place, it’s time to start shooting your video. The production team will be in complete control to make sure the end result is perfect.



The final step involves turning all the footage into a professional, high-quality video. This usually involves editing, adding music, creating visual or graphical elements, and enhancing the colour and audio. Once your case study is ready, we do a final check to make sure it’s on-brand, and meets your goals and objectives.


Want to work with us?

We make the video production process simple and enjoyable. That’s why our clients use our services time and time again.

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