Westpac – Educational Videos

Client: Westpac. We also re-branded these 3 videos for St. George, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA.

Objective: Produce a series of videos that educate migrants of their tax obligations, superannuation rights and ways of transferring money overseas.

Services provided: Scripting, storyboarding, casting, preproduction, filming, editing, animation and captioning.


Video 1 – ‘Superannuation in Australia’

Video 2 – ‘Tax in Australia’

Video 3 – ‘Transferring money overseas’

Video 4 – ‘Superannuation in Australia’ (rebranded for St. George)

Video 5 – ‘Tax in Australia’ (rebranded for St. George)

Video 6 – ‘Transferring money overseas’ (rebranded for St. George)

Video 7 – ‘Superannuation in Australia’ (rebranded for Bank of Melbourne)

Video 8 – ‘Tax in Australia’ (rebranded for Bank of Melbourne)

Video 9 – ‘Transferring money overseas’ (rebranded for Bank of Melbourne)

Video 10 – ‘Superannuation in Australia’ (rebranded for BankSA)

Video 11 – ‘Tax in Australia’ (rebranded for BankSA)

Video 12 – ‘Transferring money overseas’ (rebranded for BankSA)

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