Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the process of making a live-action video?

A live-action video is a video where footage is filmed and edited together. Live-action video production can be broken down into three stages.

The first stage is called preproduction. Depending on the brief, a script and storyboard will be developed. Following this, we’ll take steps to prepare for the shoot, which usually involves location recees, production scheduling, development of shot-lists and obtaining permits for filming locations. If actors are required, a casting process will take place where a shortlist of actors will be auditioned.

Production is the second stage. Our production crew will travel to location for filming. Our clients are usually on-set with us and we work collaboratively to make sure that all necessary footage is filmed.

Once filming’s complete, we enter into the third stage of known as post production. Here, we edit together footage, add motion graphics, lay down a track of music, resulting in the first edit. We normally include 3 rounds of editing revisions, which usually allow for all stakeholder feedback to be incorporated. Upon final approval, we’ll deliver the video in your preferred file format.


What’s the process of making an animation?

Animation production can be broken down into two stages.

Preproduction. First, a script will be developed. Once the script is approved, we’ll produce a storyboard. Storyboarding involves the design of graphics and scenes timed to the voice-over. The storyboarding process allows us and our clients to see what the animation will look like (and make revisions) before the time intensive process of animation begins. We normally include 4 rounds of revisions in the storyboarding process, as we’ll animate as per the final, approved storyboard. We cast a voice-over artist and record the narration prior to animating.

Animation. This is where we animate the graphics and scenes as per the directions in the storyboard. Music and sound effects are also added before the initial preview. We understand that sometimes stakeholders will ask for changes which deviate from the approved storyboard, once viewing the animation. We generally allow for minor changes to be made to the animation at no additional cost. Once the animation is approved, we’ll deliver it in your preferred file format.


How long does a video take to make?

It depends. Turnaround times are usually discussed and agreed to when we quote on projects. We do however put in late nights and weekends to ensure agreed deadlines are met.


How much does a video cost?

Costs vary significantly depending on the scope of video you require.

When quoting, we carefully scope out the requirements of a project and offer an upfront price for the entire production.


Are you insured?

We’re insured for $20m public liability, professional indemnity and workers compensation, which will meet procurement requirements of most organisations. We’re pre-approved suppliers of video production under NSW Government pre-qualification schemes and are also part of a Federal Government panel of video production suppliers.


What are you guys like to work with?

We’ve been told by our clients that we’re easy to work with and friendly! Importantly, we’re focused on creating videos that achieve our client’s marketing and communication goals.

Richard King leads a team of graphic designers, cinematographers, editors and animators. He manages the video and animation production process on all projects. His LinkedIn profile can be viewed here.


If you have any further questions or would like to discuss an upcoming project, please feel free to contact Richard on 02 9482 4408 or fill out the contact form on our website.



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